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Outdoor Yard Light Features And Precautions

Outdoor Yard Light Features And Precautions


Having the outdoor yard light well lit at night is no doubt one of the best ways to keep people with ill-intentions from accessing the property. Additionally, a well-lit yard is unlikely to expose people to injuries since it completely eliminates chances of stumbling on unseen objects. Unfortunately, not all outdoor post lights will give people the light they need. Traditional incandescent lights, for instance, do not produce enough light yet they consume much energy that will make the electricity bills skyrocket. Luckily, people can replace their below-par lighting systems with the brightest LED yard light. Unlike traditional lights, LED yard lights are modern.

And this means that it can produce super bright light without consuming a lot of energy. In this article, we have introduced the features and precautions of the brightest yard light.

The Types of The Brightest Yard Light

Outdoor post lights are commonly used in residential yards and streets. As far as yard lighting, post lights are popular for it. Residential versions most commonly use incandescent sockets, though exceptions exist. When post top fixtures are used to light streets, however, they can use a multitude of options. Some use fluorescent, others MH and HPS, some LED, and sometimes even gas! And, like many other streetlights, they come in non-cutoff or FCO options.


Outdoor LED flood lights have been a mildly popular option for yard lighting for a long time. In the early days, they used incandescent lamps. Today, many different varieties of floodlights can be obtained, in MH, fluorescent, incandescent, HPS, and of course LED.


Path lights are the most common types of outdoor yard light. Many homeowners widely use them. They are small posts with built-in lights that you can spread in your sidewalk or garden path. The main advantage of these lights is that they have more decorative looks than other yard lights.


Outdoor string lights are quite short but flexible enough to decorate your yard, especially during parties and holidays. String lights are the most inexpensive options we have seen so far.

Specifications and Features of One Best Led Yard Light

Specifications of outdoor yard light

Led chips/driver: CREE3030 /MW driver

Power: 35w 50w 60w

Input volt : AC100-277v /50-60hz

Lumen: 110lm/w

Certification: CE &ROHS &ISO9001 &ISO14001

Total Wattage: 150 w.

Bulb Included: No

Bulb Color: Frosted

Shade Material:   Glass

Material: Cast Aluminum

Weight:  14 lbs


1. The lamp housing of the outdoor wall lighting is made by die-casting aluminum, electrostatic powder coating for surface treatment.

2. Double diffusion technique photometric to the diffuser makes the it more even.

3. Outdoor yard light has a sealing lampshade.

4. Rugged aluminum housing: it boasts excellent heat dissipation and it is corrosion-resistant for long-lasting performance.

5. IP65 waterproof rating: this makes the brightest LED yard light perfect for outdoor use where it is likely to rain or snow.

6. Dusk-to-dawn photocell: enables the light to automatically turn on at dusk and off at dawn.

7. ETL listing: assures that the light is of high quality as well as very safe to use.

8. 5-year warranty: it gives homeowners confidence in buying and using this light knowing that it is backed by the manufacturer.

9. DIY installation: Its simple construction makes the light extremely easy to install. This means homeowners will not need a professional to do the installation of the brightest LED yard light. It can be mounted to a wall or other sturdy, flat surface OR secure stainless steel clamps to a mounting tube.

The Manufacturer of The Brightest Led Yard Light

CHZ manufactures many different outdoor yard light fixtures because we know that different people want different products.  At present, we mainly exports our products to Europe, Japan, and the U.S. Moreover, we are dedicated to helping consumers save money on electricity bills. We achieve that by only producing high-quality outdoor yard light. We have successfully passed ISO9000 product quality certification and ISO14000 environmental quality certification. Additionally, we accept returns thanks to our 30-day money-back guarantee. For more information, we kindly provide the instructions of the brightest yard light included in the package for more details on how to install it.

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