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Pakistan PKM highway project lighting project completion

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-04-18

later on June 22, the hydropower construction in seven innings of Pakistan PKM highway projects across all 563 street lamp lighting, project lighting project is complete.

the hydropower construction in seven innings of Pakistan PKM 54 km highway project, planning for two-way six lanes and design speed of 120 km/hour, road width of 31. 5 meters, light pole adopts single cantilever type variable cross-section light pole, 12 meters high, street lamp USES 180 watts of LED lights.

according to the site controller introduces, since the project starts, grasping the engineering quality and safety supervision, grasping the engineering construction progress, after a full speed, will become the north-south traffic artery in Pakistan, not only to inject more economic blood throughout the cities and villages, as local residents travel to provide more secure, convenient, comfortable, beautiful beautiful traffic conditions.

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