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The lighting of the parking lot must be targeted to achieve the lighting effect. The parking space needs to ensure a clear display of ground markings, ground locks, and isolation railings to ensure that the driver will not hit the ground obstacles due to insufficient illumination when driving into the parking space. After the vehicle is parked, there should be appropriate lights to display the vehicle body to facilitate the identification of other drivers and the access of vehicles. 

Therefore, the illumination needs about 20-50LX; The traffic lane needs about 30-75LX illuminance to identify; The lighting at the entrance and exit of the parking lot should be properly strengthened because of the need to verify, charge, recognize the driver's face and facilitate the communication between the staff and the driver; For the illumination requirements at the parking space, there will be a section of the sidewalk when pedestrians get on or off the vehicle and leave. The lighting of this section of the road should be considered as an ordinary sidewalk, and appropriate ground lighting and vertical lighting should be provided.


To achieve the isolation effect inside and outside the parking lot for safety reasons, the parking lot shall meet certain illumination requirements and reduce the impact on the atmosphere outside the parking lot. You can choose professional optical lenses or improve the street lamp layout. CHZ Lighting provides high-quality parking lot lighting & plaza lighting devices and professional lighting solutions. Check our product range.

led street light CHZ-ST29/GD09 for Kenya airport lighting project 15:15:49

led street light CHZ-ST29/GD09 for Kenya airport lighting project 15:15:49

AI Video led street light CHZ-ST29/GD09 for Kenya airport lighting project 15:15:49

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