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pepsi helps light up homes through ‘liter of light’

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-03-24
Recently, more than 50 volunteers from Pepsi Philippines suddenly came to a resettlement village in Tacloban city with the task of illuminating houses and streets in the area where Typhoon Yolanda survivors live.
By the evening, 76 Solar Bottle House lamps and 23 solar street lamps were installed, benefiting 76 residents of Xinchuan rock resettlement site who began to enjoy the basic benefits of solar energy. [
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Volunteers from Pepsi in the Philippines have installed a solar street lamp in Barangay New Kawayan, under the close attention of Illac Diaz III, head of the light-up project. [/caption]
This is a huge leap in the lives of these families, who have become accustomed to the darkness since the Super Typhoon Yolanda hit the Earth in November 2013, and Yolanda is one of the deadliest cyclones to hit the Earth, the lives and property of people in Wright and nearby provinces have left great damage.
\"Tallapost madillin pager Gaby, lalo na sa loob ng bahay.
Vara cumin Magawa magayadong Bata-
SA Umaga of Harben Lang Sila nakabag
Aral in naglalaro (
The innocence is very dark, especially in the house.
We can\'t do anything, especially the children.
They can only learn and play during the day)
Maria Devina, a new Chuanyan resident, recalled that she was one of the Yolanda survivors who had temporarily lived in Shinagawa since last December.
Maricelle Narciso, national manager of PepsiCo, said, \"the latest Pepsi-Sheng light effort at Barangay New Kawayan also unites the corporate social responsibility initiatives of PepsiCo and PepsiCo --
Cola Products Co. , Ltd. (PCPPI)
A unified volunteer program.
Making the world a better place is the way we give back.
Through the Pepsi Light-up program in Tacloban, we hope to bring light and hope to our Tacloban people and bring their lives back to normal.
\"I also joined Pepsi, my residence is a team from PCPPI, the exclusive bottling provider of Pepsi products across the country, providing second-hand plastic bottles collected from consumers, as well as volunteers who help assemble boards and switches as well as emergency lights and panels for beneficiaries.
In the process of installing the lighting system, other volunteers of Pepsi are feeding the new Chuanyan children in nutrition.
\"At Pepsi, part of our lives is to help our families, especially after the disaster.
For us, we know first.
Yolanda\'s hand-
Not only for facilities, but also for families.
This activity is that we are upgrading (
Quality of Life)
Our fellow survivors and provide them with practical tools to improve productivity and safetyfree solar-
Danny Tabao, general manager of PCPPI Tanauan plant, said: \"Home Power and street lights . \".
Illac Diaz, founder of the MyShelter Foundation, used Pepsi volunteers as part of a bigger campaign and, in line with the goal of lighting up 1 million families in 2015, saw them as \"Everbright ambassador \".
Pepsi Philippines is a pioneer sponsor of My Shelter Foundation Light Project
Partners since 2011.
The project provides sustainable lighting solutions through the upgrading of plastic bottles.
The original \"Sky Light\" (
Plastic bottle full of bleach that breaks down the natural light of the sun and zooms in to the home)
Has been upgraded to provide light when needed mostat night.
This can be powered by the connection of the solar panel and a simple circuit for the LED light inserted into the bottle.
This simple technology can provide up to 10 hours of light at night and can last up to three years.
Over the past four years, the foundation has installed more than 190,000 lights in 95,000 households, affecting more than 475,000 people in the Philippines.
Thanks to the simplicity and adaptability of the technology, the project has been launched in 15 countries around the world and is currently spreading light.
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