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Permeability to ascend, another American cities began to LED street light

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-04-26

according to foreign media reports, bend, Oregon, 城市的弯曲) Will start to put more than 2000 existing public street lamp replacement for 3000 k color temperature of LED lamps and lanterns, the move aims to reduce energy costs, maintenance costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

LED renovation project plan until December. Transformation will take place during the workday, may include weekend, time is commonly 7 PM to 7 PM in the morning.

officials say a number of workers are in the crush, finish every day about 30 to 40 street lamp, every street lamp need 20 to 30 minutes, sometimes need to temporary traffic control, near the work site, bike lanes or sidewalk parking Spaces will be temporary restrictions.

the city is expected to convert street lamp to LED will implement every year nearly 1 million KWH of total energy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 619 tons a year.

in addition, due to the LED lamps and lanterns is does not need to change regularly disposable parts, thus reducing maintenance cost.

the city government said the street lamp renovation project is one of the city's 2019 - One of several strategic energy management projects on the implementation of 2021.

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