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philips and shell provide solar lighting to a marsa matruh village.

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-04-03
Haft Algalas became the first village to use solar energy. (AFP File Photo)
Philips Egypt, in partnership with Shell Egypt, installed solar lighting systems in the village of Hafetel Gallas in the western desert of Massachusetts Touru and solar lighting systems in houses, streets and other services, the company said in a statement on Monday.
Haqfet Elgallas, formerly dependent on natural gas-
The lighted bulbs have become the first village in Masuma province to use solar lighting.
Under the chairmanship of Governor Bad Tantaviar of Massa Matuh-
Ghandour, Shell and Shilips provide up to 15 houses, which can accommodate more than 30 families, as well as schools for all solar families. -
At the same time, the partners also installed two solar lighting centers.
One is for football field and the other is for street lighting.
\"Both projects include eight installations-
\"The meter pole is fixed on the ground to lift four LED lights, which consume less energy than a 60W bulb,\" the statement said. Al-
Gaddur said the initiative supports the Egyptian government and provides solutions to Egypt\'s urban migration problem.
He added: \"The government has devoted all its resources to helping these people because they provide the basic living needs of the citizens of Maturu while protecting the environment. \"
Jeroen Regtien, vice president and President of Shell Egypt, said the solar lighting system plans to use Philips\'s new generation of solar LED lighting to create opportunities for village night social and economic activities.
General Manager of Philips Tamer Abu El-
Ghana says the project will pave the way for future residential development in Egypt.
The project is part of Philips\'s Lighting Center project, which \"includes the installation of 100 lighting centers in rural Africa by 2015 and has been launched in Egypt, Morocco, Ghana, Kenya and South Africa\".
Ahmed Imam, Egypt\'s former power minister, said that Egyptian ministries would rely on solar energy to set up 25 solar power stations at the top of their buildings to \"help convert solar energy into electricity\".
According to IMAM, the government also plans to produce 20% of its energy through new and renewable sources by 2020, 12% of which will use wind power.
Egyptian Daily in 2014.
Provided by syndigate.
Information, Albawaba.
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