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Phoenix 100000 streetlights modification completion

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-07-05
Has announced, has been working with phoenix completed a replacement project, high performance LED to replace nearly 100000 municipal traditional street lamp. Phoenix estimates, due to save a large amount of energy and maintenance costs, the renovation project will give the city to save about $3. 5 million a year.

phoenix, phoenix, Arizona's capital and it is the biggest city, is the nation's fifth largest city, with a population of 1. 7 million. Was founded in 2000, is a north American and European enterprises and organizations to provide comprehensive service, sustainability and energy efficiency, infrastructure upgrades, assets leading independent renewable energy solutions provider.

as the phoenix project design companies and the general contractor, Ameresco is responsible for providing comprehensive services, including detailed investigation utilities record maps and geographic information system, to determine the ownership of the urban street lamp lights and replace the qualification. The city has chosen the color temperature of 2700 k LED lighting equipment, this is the new street light color temperature standard, can reduce 53% of the electricity consumption.

Ameresco, in collaboration with the city throughout the city installed the new lamp and photoelectric cell, and created a new map, geographic information system for the city's future operation and maintenance, 运营管理) To provide services.

'phoenix and Ameresco works, LED renovation plan in the whole city scope, can in a relatively short period of time to implement. 'The phoenix the welfare of the residents is an absolute. 'Phoenix street traffic director Kini Knudson said. 'We all benefit from through better lighting technology will bring greater security, save energy, save from a longer service life of the LED technology workforce, reduce environmental pollution from reducing electricity use, and many other benefits. '

Ameresco vice President Bob Georgeoff said:' we are very honored to cooperate with the city, the project affected the city almost every community. Nearly 100000 facilities. '' because the city personnel professional spirit and the spirit of cooperation, at the same time very well with our team, so to finish the installation work, won't cause traffic interference or security. Through the nation's fifth largest city mayors and city councils of personal leadership, to be able to realize the project, which proves that their commitment to financial management, and environmental sustainability. '

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