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Photovoltaic power generation is what? What are the benefits?

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-08

photovoltaic power generation a lot of people are not quite understand, in fact, it has another name, many people will they called solar power. Photovoltaic power generation used a lot in our life, it is the use of light energy of semiconductor absorb sunlight and converting it into electricity for our use. It is the solar panels as main components, when the sun on the metal materials, energy absorbed by it through the electrons absorb internal force called a photoelectron. If electronic enough, you can form potential difference and within the semiconductor, an electrical current. Let me say what are the benefits of photovoltaic power generation.

photovoltaic power generation can be applied in our family, now it has a lot of families are built on the roof of his home. It can bring us many benefits. Installed photovoltaic power station is equivalent to more than a free power, can reduce our home electricity bills. Allows us to power themselves.

and the presence of photovoltaic power station, because it absorbs the heat of the sun, so this is equivalent to install on the roof with a layer of good heat insulation membrane. In the summer to avoid heat transfer inside, increase indoor temperature, such not only can let indoor cooler, can also save us the cost of the use of air conditioning.

photovoltaic power generation is a kind of green environmental protection science and technology, can let we will solar energy use, can bring a lot of energy saving effect.

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