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Photovoltaic power generation which components to need?

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-08
Photovoltaic (pv) system is widely applied, as technology development and the need of sustainable development of world economy, developed countries have already begun to promote urban photovoltaic (pv) grid power generation in a planned way. The basic form of photovoltaic system can be divided into two categories: independent power systems and grid generation system. Main application main areas in space aircraft, communication system, microwave relay station, TV ChaZhuanTai, photovoltaic water pump and electric power shortage areas in power supply.

solar photovoltaic system consists of three parts: solar cell components; Charge and discharge controller, inverter, power electronic equipment such as testing instrument and computer monitoring and storage battery or other energy storage and auxiliary power equipment.

yidu reach Ming photoelectric technology to tell you more in the photovoltaic system several major components:

1. Photovoltaic phalanx components: by the solar cell components ( Also called a photovoltaic cell components) On the demand of the system in series, in parallel, and convert solar energy into electrical energy output under direct sunlight, it is the core component of solar photovoltaic system.

2。 Inverter: in a photovoltaic solar power supply system, if contain ac load, inverter devices, are used to produce solar cell components of dc or battery to release the dc into ac load needs.

3。 Controller: it for battery charge and discharge conditions of regulation and control, and according to the load power demand control solar battery components and battery to the load power output, is the core of the whole system control part. With the development of solar photovoltaic industry, the function of the controller is getting stronger and stronger, with the traditional control part, inverter, and monitoring the trend of system integration, such as AES SPP and SMD series controller is integrated with the above three kinds of functions.

4。 Battery: the solar battery components to produce electricity, or in the evening, or when insufficient light load demand is greater than by electricity, solar battery components will be stored energy release the energy to meet the load demand, it is the energy storage component of solar photovoltaic system. Currently used is a lead-acid battery, solar photovoltaic systems for higher requirements of the system, usually with deep discharge valve control type sealed lead acid battery, deep discharge liquid absorption type lead-acid battery, etc.

yidu reach Domingo photoelectric science and technology in photovoltaic power generation systems service will always adhere to customer demand-oriented, with high quality products and services, faster response speed and better cost performance, help customers to establish sustainable profitable operation mode, continuously expand value-added space, together to create a more beautiful for the energy conservation and environmental protection industry in China through a clear blue sky.

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