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Photovoltaic power station in the future development trend of three major steps

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-08

photovoltaic power station in the future development trend of three main steps

energy structure adjustment is the selection of the national strategic level, the environmental protection become a social problem, the future state of promote the building of new energy and renewable energy trend is irreversible, and the trend of the development of photovoltaic power station for:

1, the application and the trend of industrial convergence photovoltaic power station

as a massive expansion of photovoltaic power station, the high quality power station construction in scarce land resources, power station comprehensive income need to improve, photovoltaic power station appearance and amalgamation of the first industry. Artificial sun multi-storey high-density soilless cultivation of plant, for example, using new energy saving light promote the plant photosynthesis, using multilayer superposition of three-dimensional plant improving land use efficiency. Again such as photovoltaic greenhouses in agricultural science and technology, roof installation of photovoltaic battery or collector, flexible pervious to light, suitable for certain crops and economic crops, also can realize high output of industrialization and the land. Photovoltaic (pv) and tailings governance, abandoned mining subsidence circular economy construction, or ecological comprehensive treatment, the combination of be abandoned land restoration of ecological environment. Photovoltaic (pv) combined with traditional municipal water treatment facilities, through photovoltaic water mode, can effectively reduce the cost of water treatment and water treatment unit of carbon emissions.

2, energy interconnection and pluripotent complementary trend micro grid

the energy of the future the Internet will be based on the existing grid, through the use of advanced power electronic technology and information technology, energy and two-way information flow of power sharing network of the Internet. Internet has by solar energy and other renewable energy as a main source of energy supply characteristic, the characteristics of distributed energy collection and storage, the distributed power generation device, storage device and load of the micro energy characteristics of the network are connected, and so on. With the improvement of photovoltaic power generation power ratio such as volatility, requires power supply side have larger adjustment ability, distributed energy storage will be gained popularity, active distribution network will also arises at the historic moment. Solar power and other renewable energy, energy storage complementary power generation, and form together with the load as well as interconnection and micro grid of the isolated net running, will be a new application form of solar power, both power supply suitable for the remote pastoral areas, the island, also suitable for network operation as a controllable power units.

3, distributed energy trend

compared with wind power and other clean energy, photovoltaic power generation and industrial and commercial electricity peak basic match, so the photovoltaic (pv) compared to other renewable energy is more suitable for distributed applications. Development of distributed photovoltaic system's advantage lies in its economic, environmental protection, can improve power supply reliability and solution to remote areas such as electricity. Of distributed photovoltaic capacity generally smaller, late initial investment and operational cost is low, short construction period, can achieve nearby power supply, is good for power grid, long distance power supply form of complementary and alternative, the future development to a certain proportion to strongly promote the construction and development of micro network. As the reform in the field of electric power allotment point, such as, direct purchase of electricity area sell electricity the issuance of licenses, distributed energy power station will also usher in unprecedented opportunities for development.

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