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Photovoltaic (pv) power generation need attention matters and advice

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-08

photovoltaic power generation facilities as an applied system, the entire life cycle at least 25 years. And we can be divided into production stage, the design and construction, use, maintenance phase. Each stage, around how to efficient operation, some considerations and Suggestions to sort out the following:

the second, the design and construction stage

the different situation of construction and installation requirements according to owner, can design the most suitable for the owners of distributed photovoltaic solutions, maximize investment interests. For buildings have been built, you can choose on the roof to install an additional type of small system; Is if the knot on the top of the building, or want to roofs of buildings, can consider to use type of photovoltaic products, building materials in construction, the construction standard construction according to the photovoltaic industry, ensure the wiring specification, layout is reasonable.

4, use, maintenance phase

photovoltaic power generation is almost free maintenance in use for a long time. But in the process of running, over time, the system will gradually reduce the efficiency, reduce the electricity. Daily maintenance measures mainly include the following aspects: check if the component appearance defects, such as breakage, shade, wire corrosion, etc. ; Pay attention to the clean solar power generation system, timely cleaning component to reduce dust cover, must use clean soft cloth, dry or wet, etc.

photovoltaic power generation is an investment, long-term benefit of project, in use process, can power generation efficiency, extensive use of solar energy resources. In pv electricity retired, should from the environmental point of view, the treatment facilities of the classification, and looking for a qualified company recycling waste components, etc. , always practice the concept of 'green, low carbon'.

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