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Primary and middle schools classroom lighting new gb rules-based implementation of wenzhou 'eyes' project

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-14

in 2019, wenzhou ten practical work of the people's livelihood, 'white teeth' project is listed as one of the first item. One of the main task of the 'eyes' project, is to complete the 8000 primary and middle school classroom lighting and lighting standards.

the newly issued national standard of primary and middle schools in the regular classroom lighting design and installation sanitary requirements 'in this month formally implemented. Ordinary small and medium-sized school classroom lighting design and installation has a new national standard, to the classroom desktop, the blackboard the intensity of illumination and lighting design and installation of the detailed rules, help more scientific and reasonable to protect teenagers vision.

'requirements' regulation, the desktop, on average, not less than 300 lux ( Illuminance international units) 7, on the surface of the blackboard, on average, not less than 500 lux, intensity of illumination uniformity is not lower than 0. 8.

in classroom lighting design and installation requirements. Recommended appropriate USES hanging grille lamps and lanterns, the blackboard lighting lamps and lanterns should be used with asymmetric intensity distribution characteristics of special lamps and lanterns of the blackboard. Lamps and lanterns should use derrick installation, including desktop lighting lamps and lanterns should be long axis is perpendicular to the blackboard and uniform distribution, the vertical distance away from the desk lamps and lanterns is not lower than 170 cm. The lamp should be installed parallel to the blackboard, the blackboard is apart from the blackboard parallel spacing should be between 70 cm to 100 cm, margin of the vertical distance from the blackboard should be between 10 to 20 centimeters.

wenzhou standardization institute, suggest that, in the classroom do standardized transformation construction daylighting and illume environment, on the basis of also should pay attention to the classroom lighting maintenance problems. Classroom lighting dust, aging can lead to problems such as the classroom lighting conditions is not up to standard. The school regularly to do a good job of cleaning and update the classroom lighting facilities, to the teachers and students to create a comfortable environment for work and study.

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