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Profound condolences! Domestic electric light source academic circles da-hua Chen, professor, died

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-08
Professor da-hua Chen ( 1943. 1 - 2020. 1. 21)

17:00 PM on January 21, 2020, the domestic academic circles of electric light source, fudan university, professor, PhD supervisor, fudan university, director of the institute of electric light source the original da-hua Chen due to illness and death, at the age of 77.

professor da-hua Chen is the domestic electric light source level academic circles, in February 1965, graduated from the physics department of fudan university physics major in electronic, then stay working until retirement at fudan university in August 2009. During the 1982 - 1984 a visiting scholar at keele university in Germany study 2 years; 1989 - 1990 in the United States national institute of science and technology and standard work 1. For five years. Served as the light source and lighting engineering department of fudan university, director of the institute, electric light source.

professor Chen was responsible for participating in many scientific research projects, through the provincial or ministerial appraisal and awards, such as 'CFL with gallium barium glass development' ( The torch plan) Xenon lamp, 'movie' ( The ministry of culture award) , 'the pulse xenon lamp in the application of high-speed photography' ( National defense science and technology commission second prize) Tester, electronic ballasts, Shanghai science and technology progress third prize and second prize of Shanghai invention association) 。 He also has 30 tallies, editor and translation works of about 15 million words, compiled and published in recent years, the 'green lighting LED practical technology', 'light source and lighting english-chinese dictionary', 'electrodeless fluorescent lamp technology', 'encyclopedia of China light source', 'modern landscape lighting engineering design' and 'energy saving lighting source new progress' work, at home and abroad, academic journal and academic conferences at home and abroad more than 200 scientific papers about.

da-hua Chen, professor of life to the career of electric light source, is well-known industry experts, lighting field for lighting in our country made great contribution to the development and progress of science and technology, China lighting network to lose such a respected academic circles and feel sorry, this greatly missed, 'deeply mourn, and deep sympathy goes to professor da-hua Chen family.

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