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projector world demystified (not to be published).

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-04-08
Summary: It\'s fun to install a projector at home to watch a TV or movie, but there are a lot of technical details that will confuse you.
Here are a few things you need to know.
It sounds interesting to install a projector at home to watch TV or movies, but there are a lot of technical problems that will confuse you.
Whether it\'s buying a DLP or an LED projector, how big the room should be to place it, where to project it, etc.
There are so many problems that are bothering you. Here are a few things you need to know --
There are a variety of projectors to choose from right now, but you need to do some calculations before you buy them.
The most important thing is the projected size you see.
This is always measured diagonally.
But on top of that, you also need to consider the distance you plan to place the projector.
This may sound technical, but some sites allow you to calculate the throw distance ratio you should have for the projector you purchased.
For example, if you plan to place a projector 5 for a 55 inch projector, the distance throw ratio of the projector should be 1. 1.
Most of the leading project manufacturers such as BenQ and Panasonic.
Distance calculator is available on their website.
Com provides a simple understanding of computing.
DLP is not shy to know the difference between DLP or LCD projector compared to LCD and LED projector.
These are different technologies. The DLP (
Digital Light Processing
The projector is made of tiny mirrors and rotating color wheels.
It provides a clear image and has a better response time.
On the other hand, the LCD projector uses a liquid crystal display with no moving parts.
So these costs are a little lower.
The advantages of the LCD projector are better saturation and lower noise.
The downside is that they need to maintain filters with low contrast.
Finally, the LED projector uses tiny LED to provide a better color with lower power consumption.
They have a life span of more than 20,000 hours and require little maintenance.
LED projectors are usually small in size, small in size and less in heat.
But they lack the brightness that anLCD or DLP can provide. WALL OR SCREEN?
In professional settings, the projection is always made on the screen, it provides a smoother projection of the high reflection ratio, they reflect the light better, and can even work in a bright room.
While you can use the wallto project, the experience will be different.
Also, the walls need to be smooth and painted white.
Its projection on a yellow, pink or colored wall is really bad.
The viewing distance is as important as the distance between the projector and the wall, and so is the viewing distance.
Ideally, one should sit twice the width of the image.
The more connections, the more real the connection on the project is.
While VGA, AVI, and HDMI are often available, prefer to plug in and play images and videos with USB.
But if you\'re looking for a large home theater with a projector installed, you can also use no USB.
For a setting like this, you must connect the projector to a DVD or Blu-ray-ray player.
Pair it with a home theater for surround sound output.
My pocket projector?
In the past few years, Pocket projectors have also been called Pico projectors.
These are typically LED projectors that are compact and capable of highlighting 60 inch.
But they are actually good for a larger room with ambient light.
These projectors perform best in the dark.
While we see some of these projects as part of digital cameras and smartphones, the Android operating system has now become part of an independent pocket projector with rechargeable batteries --
Good enough to be used by sales executives or offices who don\'t want to invest too much.
Focus projector: Epson EH-
TW8200 Rs 2,54, 999 specification: rgb LCD shutter projection system, 1080 p, 2.
1 x zoom, investment ratio 1. 34-2.
Lamp life of 87,4, 000 hours, 600,000: 1 contrast, 2400 lumens, 334 W power consumption. Weight: 8.
4 kg Mingji W1080ST Rs 1,10, 000 Mingji W1080ST, Mingji claims to be the first short-throwFull-
HD video projector with a maximum projection of 100-
In just 1 inchbig screen. 5 metres.
This is a video projector that supports 3D multi-input through HDMI 1. 4 (2 ports)
It can be connected to many devices including Blu-ray
3D broadcasting, video games, computers, etc.
The iBall Andy 4a Rs 18,999 projector in the smartphone is not a new concept.
This android smartphone comes with a 35 lumens projector and a 4 lumens projector
The inch ips wvga display resolution is 480x800 pixels and the pixel density is 233 ppi.
It is powered by 1GHz dual power supply
Core Cortex A9 processor coupled with 512 MBRAM.
4GB built in
In storage, extended to 32 GB with microSDcard BenQ GP 10 Rs 59,990 specification: 550 ANSI lumens;
Comparison ratio: 2017:1; Manual focus; Throw 0. 5-6. 1 metres; Image 54-599 cm;
Digital Keyboard; 720 p;
USB, SD card, wireless, HDMI, component;
LED lights 30,000 hours; Speakers: 3Wx2; Weight: 1.
5 kg Panasonic AE 8000 Rs 2,50, 000 specifications: 2400 flow light;
500000: 1 Comparison of rations; 3D enabled;
3 HDMI, in, video in, 2 trigger portrotron Androview Rs 28,999. In the Pico projector space, Androview hd por is an Android projector suitable for the palm of your hand.
It integrates batterand and supports 1080p HD video.
It uses LCOS with rgb led technology to improve color reception.
Android view with integrated Wi-Fi, and abuilt-
8gb can be extended to 32gb of storage.
It runs on the Android operating system (
Version not specified)
And access to the Google Play store.
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