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Qinghai xining next year will transform three road lamps

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-05-06

recently, xining citizens reflect, provincial capital central south unitary road lamp not bright has been a long time, it began to dawn to late, to everyone's travel inconvenient, hope hotline attention.

according to citizens reflect, unitary south road of street lamp is probably installed two years ago, but not how to use is not lit up. At the end of 2018 they have ever been to the relevant departments to reflect, the answer is to damage without related accessories, lamps and fittings in place after will repair, restore the lighting, to now, there's no recovery for street lamp. The morning slowly late, now only dark when children go to school every morning walk, the pedestrians on the road, the parents were worried about children's travel safety.

a reporter from the city central municipal utilities service center learned that the relevant person in charge of municipal branch, south unitary road street light without light them at the beginning of this year on some roads under the street lamp has mastered the problems existing in the inspection, south unitary road street light damage more serious, coupled with the power of access also has certain problem, therefore has the unitary south mountain, clear water, zhuang and three of the lamps in the road, on the road maintenance plan in 2020, the current power supply access, street lamp replacement and other issues are and relevant department to negotiate, strive for an early next year to implement the renovation project of the lamps in the road.

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