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Rainy day can also use solar panels

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-09

generally, solar panel is only suitable for use in sunny natural environment, in cloudy or rainy weather is bad to use; Solar panels while power can be stored and used for rainy day or night, but for some illumination inadequate areas, the technology both from the perspective of efficiency and cost are not big value. New type of solar panels can better solve the problem. In the manufacture of solar panels using a technique called 'friction nano generator ( TENG) 'New technology, in order to catch the rain energy as it falls. Nano generator is a kind of mechanical energy can be transferred to available power device, it can take advantage of rainfall with small scale to achieve this goal.

this using the weight of the TENG technology of solar panels is still very light can be installed on the roof. Developers between TENG and solar cells into a transparent plastic or with different interlayer in polymer materials. Because of several layers of structure is connected, but each can run independently, making solar panels can generate electricity in different weather conditions.

the current bottleneck affecting the popularization and application of this new technology is the product of the production cost is higher. If can be solved, so even in the considered unsuitable for collecting solar energy due to lack of light, also can let solar energy has become a highly efficient and clean new energy. Expert analysis thinks, although restricted by weather conditions, but the solar energy is still one of the world's fastest growing energy. At present the cost of installing solar panels business has fallen by 58%, by 2040, renewable energy generation will account for 40% of global output, and therefore very bullish on the prospects of the development of new technologies.

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