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Reconstruction of street lamp for which aspects

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-03

street lamp is of great significance for people's normal life, because it represents the city road light, especially at night, if there are lights can guarantee the security, but if there is no street lamp is probably because people don't understand road conditions and lead to unexpected, but since the advent of lamps and lanterns, lamp is a kind of common public facilities, but with the continuous development of technology, the original street light may, because of the light or consumption, has been eliminated gradually, which requires street reconstruction, and at present the street lamp transformation way, generally there are three, its essence is to reduce consumption of street lamps, let's look at below.

first of all, is to use led lights to replace the original street light, the original street lamp is using high pressure sodium lamp, its power is relatively higher, and the led street lamp power is much lower, in general, in guarantee under the premise of street lamp brightness is constant, the 120 w led street lamps can replace 250 w high pressure sodium lamp, by contrast, can save half of the energy, for the modern society, is also a great save.

then, reconstruction of street lamp can be carried out on the old street lamp, through the street lamp, can be added to the street lamp controller, so that it can be carried out on the street lamp intelligent management, because generally the vehicles and pedestrians on the road, as the change of time, change, while the lights are kept uniform brightness, so there will be a lot of time is a waste of energy, and by adding a controller can, according to the change of time, and adjust the brightness of the lamp is a kind of regulating the behavior of the street lamp power, which have the effect of energy conservation and emissions reduction.

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