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Release the electrical manufacturers association road and area lighting new standards

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-05-10

it is reported that the United States electrical manufacturers association ( NEMA) Released a new standard for street light the road lighting equipment and area national standards in the United States - — Lamps and lanterns is four feet extension module and socket - — Electrical and physical compatibility and testing '( 美国国家标准的道路和区域照明设备 发光体烤炉- 销和插座——扩展模块 物理和电气互换性和测试) 。

source: take letter

NEMA, said the new standard for road and the area light connected to the controller and sensor element provides a mechanical and electrical specification. This standard is maker and region for road lighting, municipal authorities and utility companies, will help the related industries use Zhaga Book 18 interface on the outdoor LED lighting lamps and lanterns installation or removal of various kinds of sensors.

towns all over the world continue to transform the street lamp for LED lights, not only to save energy, and is a part of wisdom urban infrastructure construction. Interconnection, lighting, sensor application and data collection are prompted the urban management team to better monitor and pay attention to the user and housing demand, so as to provide the corresponding services and functions.

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