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Research and development of hebei kinghsien wisdom light pole tower industry transformation and upgrading

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-14

the street light is found in all corners of the city public infrastructure, and kinghsien wisdom light pole to develop on the basis of the traditional lighting light pole integrated intelligent lighting, micro base station, weather, air quality monitoring, urban WiFi coverage, video monitoring, photovoltaics, charging pile, such as a variety of functions, make the light pole into a information collection, information release, information transmission and intelligent application of the wisdom of the urban infrastructure platform perception.

reporter in hengshui city, hebei province convenes the kinghsien 'double gen double wear' promote transformation and upgrading of tower industry news conference, in recent years, with 4 g network basic saturated, communication tower sharp decline in market demand, the enterprise benefit gradually decline, transformation and upgrading of industry needs. To this end, the county made the kinghsien tower steel structure industry transformation and upgrading the implementation plan 'kinghsien tower steel structure characteristic industry revitalization plan' and a series of policies and measures. At the same time, guide enterprises are encouraged to set up research and development institutions, increase the cooperation with domestic top colleges and universities, research institutes, actively apply for national, provincial and municipal science and technology plan projects, through independent development, integrated innovation and re-innovation innovation, developed with independent intellectual property rights of new products and new technology.

at present, kinghsien has several key enterprises to purchase equipment, adjustment process, successfully developed to promote wisdom city construction of intelligent light pole management software and can meet the demand of communication operators the wisdom of the common rod 5 g base stations. There are 12 enterprises investment 300 million yuan, for r&d and production of multi-functional intelligent light pole and form a complete set of equipment system. The county also will organize enterprises in Shanghai, shenzhen, hangzhou and other places to visit learning, and participate in making multifunctional wisdom light pole hengshui industry standards, to boost kinghsien tower industry transformation and upgrading.

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