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Research and development of Taiwan institute LED company hand in hand, UVC LED technology improve water quality

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-28

in order to overcome the problem of water containing bacteria, the drinking water of aseptic products on the market for uv ( 紫外线; UV) Sterilization is given priority to. In accordance with the length of wavelength difference, can be divided into ultraviolet uva ( UVA) , ultraviolet B ( UVB) , ultraviolet C ( UVC) , three, notably the bactericidal effect of UVC is strongest, with Germany, Japan, the United States, Canada and other research institutions are actively developing UVC disinfection related technology.

LED face of price competition in recent years, the red sea, and UVC disinfection sterilization market widely used, but the existing traditional water filter is UVC light sterilization technology, still rely on mercury lamp produce UVC disinfection, not only large size, tube is fragile, also prone to mercury pollution, and damage to the environment. Taiwan industry institute LED experts in the related research the LED for a long time, so think from their own best LED light source, find out a better solution for industry.

development UVC LED light source, first of all, in the face of how to choose the right UVC wavelength on LED light source, and in the UVC between 200 nm to 280 nm band, try various wavelengths on the influence of microorganisms, found in line with the absorption spectrum of bacteria and microorganisms.

must face how to effectively exert the function of sterilization, optimize the UVC light utilization, it involves the design of the institutions, and the team construction in the smallest area out of the water flow can be UVC most illuminant to channels, and enhance the projection UVC strength, water circulation to water flow 2 litres per minute, can remove 99. More than 9% of e. coli, the best sterilization effect.

the team is now in combination with several LED companies in Taiwan, on research and development, gradually establish a UVC in Taiwan LED on the complete industry chain of middle and lower reaches of the independent, create a blue ocean market high additional value.

'portable LED flowing water sterilization UVC module' has been successfully technology vendors, is expected by the end of 2018, let more family can enjoy the clean water. Can be used in future attaches great importance to the industry of water quality, such as biomedical industry and breeding industry, as long as the water entrance with flowing water sterilization UVC LED module, water quality can be further enhanced.

at present, the technology for small volume, convenient installation, portable and quickly installed in the outlet terminals, not only suitable for general home, even can be used for disaster emergency, earthquake or other disaster occurs, for example, using the water purification products, can quickly supply water clean public security, the technology also shortlisted for the 2018 world one hundred big science.

work institute electro-optical system director zhu mu tao said, through such technological development, not only can save cost, also jumped off the use restrictions.

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