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Research and development of the national key project 'for poultry and aquaculture facilities LED key technology research and development and application demonstration' held in 2018

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-28

on December 2, 2018 - On December 4, sponsored by the dalian ocean university research and development of the national key project 'for poultry and aquaculture facilities LED key technology research and development and application demonstration' 2018 annual work summary meeting was held in dalian smoothly.

national semiconductor lighting project research and development and industry association secretary-general Wu Ling, institute of semiconductors, Chinese Academy of Sciences professor jin-min li, dalian ocean university and technology director professor Liu Ying, team members and so on more than 50 people attended the review meeting. The meeting shall be presided over by project chief Liu Ying professor.

project four topics, including dalian ocean university professor Liu Ying, Zheng Huichao, associate professor, institute of semiconductors, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China agricultural university, senior engineer Song Changbin lang's biological technology co. , LTD. , hangzhou jing-song jiang, general manager, etc. , from the subject overall target and annual tasks, the annual task completion, the main progress and achievements, funding in place and spending, the division of tasks, organization and coordination, the next annual work plan and so on has carried on the detailed report. In the discussion stage, from zhejiang university, China agricultural university, dalian ocean university and other colleges and universities, and semiconductor research institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China ocean research institute, China academy of fishery sciences yellow sea fisheries research institute and other research institutions more than the backbone of scientific research, aiming at the effects of light on growth and development of aquatic creatures, shows their recent research results, and puts forward the relevant scientific thinking, the participants brainstorm, speak freely, from the perspective of different scientific research a heated discussion.

project since the project implementation in July 2017, all the work according to the plan as scheduled, made good progress, project study to determine the optimal spectrum of early in the development of turbot environment; Developed to promote turbot and groupers seedling growth of lighting system; Select conducive to the growth of the prawn illumination strategy; Find out the different spectrum and light intensity on the European tongue tooth impaction perch the influence of the growth, development and survival of law; Explores the LED illumination condition the influence law of bao retinal structure; Determine the red fin Oriental filefish early development period of the optimal spectral light intensity, determine the early molecular sex differentiation; Explores the spectral composition and light cycle of California bass seedlings growth, feeding, and the influence law of survival. Developed suitable for poultry production facilities of 2 kinds of LED lamps and lanterns, protection grade reached IP67 and IP65; Developed a set of facilities poultry production LED lighting intelligent control system, which can realize automatic switch, soft gradient adjustment functions, such as dimming range 0 100%; Screening for meet the demand of laying hens and chicken growth at different stages of light elements parameters, and developed a specific spectrum LED special lamps and lanterns; Special aquaculture intelligent light environment control system is developed, and the results of application and achieved good social and economic benefits.

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