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Results published AITI UV LED printing equipment industry

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-24

the ministry of economic affairs division of traditional industry innovation alliance ( AITI) Recently held in taichung source enterprise 'LED - The UV printing equipment industry 'cib, share and navigation light leds - wisdom The UV curing system development achievement, the alliance for printing equipment industry upgrade requirements, development of LED - UV curing system intelligent lightweight design and measurement analysis and so on, with project development ink color matching platform and high adhesion LED - the clouds UV ink eligibility test, assist in printing and printing ink industry, to enhance working efficiency with the ink, reduce the waste of ink, to satisfy printing quality specification, the development of high and delicate green print.

zhi-qing Lin AITI adviser, said AITI team performs project research and development, the complete high adhesion LED - UV ink eligibility best test of 5 b, research and development of MO BOX human-machine interface and APP intelligent detection system development, and assist the ink quality accord with standard of the G7, and establishing the cloud color matching system, assist the light source equipment upgrade and expand the international market.

print research center general manager zhang 锠 said, in the improvement of leds - this project UV ink formulations, improve the quality of eligibility, diligence, and fast curing system import printing design, make convenient, durable, shorten the time cost by 50%, and establishing the color formula real-time operation, and integrate in the guild, expand the application of technological achievements.

light Chen Shiwu enterprise manager, said thank AITI assistance, improve the lithographic machine existing problems, such as shoes assist chy-tech intelligent management, fine computer assist headlamp unit weight loss, plastic printing ink adhesion, assist in printing quality certification standard, make the company's intelligent measurement system equipment it can real-time display voltage, current, single hours, power, such as numerical, headlamp unit can save 80% of its electricity.

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