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Road lighting project with integrated all in one solar street light illuminates CHZ-IST2 in Africa

Road lighting project with integrated all in one solar street light illuminates CHZ-IST2 in Africa


Recently, our company installed 30 sets of integrated solar street lights (with microwave induction) in a hotel in UYO, Nigeria. After lighting, the effect is very good and won the favor of customers.

The model of the street lamp used this time is IST2-3M. It is the latest solar street lamp product of our company. It uses a number of intelligent control technologies to achieve better energy saving and longer service life.

IST2-3M(equivalent to similar products 50-60W)

When there is light radiation, the photovoltaic module uses solar radiation to generate electricity, converting light energy into electrical energy. The intelligent controller is used to charge the input energy of the lithium iron phosphate battery, and at the same time protect the overcharge and overdischarge of the battery, and intelligently control the illumination and illumination of the illumination source without manual operation.

Changes in winter and summer time, resulting in the general non-intelligent street lights are still lit in the morning, but the evening is not bright. The IST2-3 is equipped with a smart microwave sensor that can sense distances of 10m-12m. When the sunshine illumination is less than 100 lux, it starts to work, controls the lighting source switch and illumination, ensures the effective illumination of the street lamp, and at the same time is green and saves energy.

When the lighting is less than 10lx, it will work

Sensor time

Brightness (with person)

Brightness (person)










Day time

Automatically turn off

Project implementation effect:

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