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Rotterdam will be installed 'future street lamp', a multi-function

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-05-06

according to foreign media reports, Rotterdam, the Netherlands, will install a kind of multi-functional 'future street lamp', including charging, 5 g, cameras and all kinds of sensors, Such as air and sound) Such as options.

the pilot work will begin on January, three 'Rotterdam exchange energy network tools' will be installed in Reyeroord areas of the city.

installation seems to be that concept, no immediate plans to launch.

however, the Dutch manufacturer Lightwell, said the trial will allow the city to work toward the infrastructure of the intelligent urban applications.

the multifunctional lamp posts can double as electric outlet, 5 g transmission tower, China central television (CCTV) device, air quality monitor and other functions of city needs.

Lightwell said, with its circular and modular design, changes in the future is very easy, you can through the latest technology innovation to constantly update, also can provide benefit urban residents of the application as a supplier of the market.

Rotterdam economic committee member Barbara Kathman said: 'the goal is to Rotterdam in 2025 to become a model of digital city. '

' we want to be a place of sustainable development, the transportation is convenient, become people to enjoy life and the work place. '

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