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rs 40 crore sanctioned for solar power streetlights | lucknow news - times of india

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-03-30
Lucknow: The state government has approved the installation of solar street lamps in Uttar Pradesh for nearly Rs 40.
Jawed Usmani, chief secretary who chaired the review meeting on Saturday, asked the officials of the UP New Energy Development Authority (UPNEDA)
Make sure the center approves Rs 29 more.
Not only will LED street lamps be installed in various areas, but they will also be installed in more than 2,000 places where they are most needed, he said.
More than 11,100 solar street lamps will be installed in the fiscal year of 2013-14.
He also asked UPNEDA officials to ensure that government orders related to finance, related subsidies and policy decisions are in place to ensure the long-term functionality of the system.
Usmani also asked officials to link street lamp maintenance to the skills development program.
To this end, UPNEDA can coordinate with the Ministry of Technology Education.
As for the lights being installed in rural areas, coordination should be carried out with the panchayati raj department, which will maintain the lights from the funds granted to it by the 13 Finance Committee.
In addition, Usmani said that the materials purchased for the program are of good quality (
Additional energy)
According to Jeevesh Nandan, 21 areas have been occupied under the remote village electrified program.
The plan was implemented according to the solar street lamp plan, in Sonbhadra, Mirzapur, Mainpuri, Hardoi, Bareilly, Banda, Barabanki, Basti are currently in the process of Jalan, Kanpur, fazabad, Gonda, filozabad, shlavasti, balanpur and mahalajaggi.
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