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Samsung electronics adjust focus on new technology research and development of LED department carried out

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-07-14

on November 27, according to industry sources, samsung electronics this month 23 LED department of more than 250 employees will be dispatched to digital department ( DS) The memory chip division and wafer foundry ( 铸造) Department, etc. About 600 research recently, support staff in the department of the company LED giheung work in the factory.

samsung electronics for light emitting diode ( 领导) Department to carry out structural adjustment. Core is through redeployment of human resources, streamlining the organization, to concentrate on new technology research and development ( 研发) In the form of restructuring department structure.

so far, samsung LED department mainly produces similar TV back light, the camera flash parts with LED display products and automotive, food growth. Securities class, according to the analysis of the current state of sales is probably around 1 trillion won, almost zero profit.

samsung LED department once referred to as 'samsung industries of the future'. Samsung chairman lee kun-hee, in 2010, and the solar batteries, car batteries, biological pharmaceuticals, medical devices, such as the LED is one of the five 'new species' samsung department. 8 trillion won. Especially the vice President of samsung electronics, lee jae-yong for LED department expressed great attention.

samsung electronics and samsung electronics cooperation, established the samsung LED In April, 2009) 3 trillion won ( 2011) , the company is looking forward to that very much. However, after samsung LED by samsung electronics annexation ( In April, 2012) , but also interrupt the overseas business ( In December 2014) , organizations are also cut for business group ( In December 2015) And so on, has been in decline. Market analysis that the fundamental reason is that Chinese enterprises' low offensive. In addition, 2011-2015 period, the LED is rated as small and medium-sized enterprises (smes) is suitable for industry, investment and management is 'bound'. This time, almost every year rumors circulated revoked or selling the LED business.

, samsung electronics said, 'we have absolutely nothing to reduce or cancel LED business plan'. Also revealed will continue to develop electronic components as well as the agricultural use, automotive and other fields.

Korea development institute researcher gold-sun peng ( The sound) Explains. 'as the global LED market recently expanded from lighting in the field of electronic components, agriculture, medical, scale up to a year 30 trillion', 'on the whole, samsung seems to want to LED business into high value-added technology development as the center of business'.

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