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San Diego harbor bridge part will try to install the LED lighting

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-15

according to U. S. media reports, port in San Diego, California, San Diego - the United States Coronado bridge will be installed on the part of LED lights, which will make the bridge looks brand-new.

California coastal commission authorized the San Diego port on the bridge across the four block temporary installation LED lights, to collect information, and as a part of environmental review program instructions. Tests will be in the evening and midnight, between a week-long, local residents and visitors will be able to see.

picture sources: Coronado Times

a few days ago, California coastal commission approved the coastal development license, allowing port light four floating dock ( The vertical support structure under the bridge span) A week to collect information for project description. The test port and the project consultant will help answer related to engineering, design, and environmental problems, these problems is very important to start the project of environmental review.

the San Diego port authority's director, Marshall Merrifield said: 'our vision for the project by the fusion of art and technology and to inspire the people with San Diego bay', 'we have made in the project, another important milestone, if the final approved, it will be the San Diego - Coronado bridge into a symbol of our city landscape art. '

water lighting test there is no timetable at present, but it is expected to be in the middle of 2020. Is completed, the next steps include environmental review and completion of design and allows full installation, commission from the coast will need to get another coastal development license.

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