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Sanya airport renovation project to complete the transaction growing the Lantern Festival

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-05-04

a few days ago, sanya airport renovation project successfully completed transaction growing the Lantern Festival, checked by actual measured the energy-saving rate can reach more than 55%.

it is understood that a total of 487 sets of sanya airport apron high lamp, lamp adopt the traditional high pressure sodium lamp 1000, to effectively reduce the energy consumption and high in 2019 launched a comprehensive sanya airport 杄 Lantern Festival can renovation project, the traditional high pressure sodium lamp replacement for the energy saving effect is good, new FLED energy-saving lamps and lanterns lighting parameters, the lamps and lanterns can make more open field of vision, visual sense effect is better. Lamps and lanterns transform project to be carried out in two stages, the first phase has been completed on June 14, 2019, after testing and commissioning in accordance with standard requirements, start the second phase on November 20, completed on December 25, the comprehensive transformation, through the actual installation test, is expected to save electricity every year, 1. 36 million degrees, save electricity costs 1. 2 million yuan.

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