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Save investment of 30 million! Wuhan, with 360 light pole realizing a complete coverage of the line '' covering 5 g!

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-07-04

in hubei province has built 8111 5 g site, completed more than 4700, more than 95% by using both the site/social site performs effectively. Tower of hubei province to carry out the 'covering a line' construction of 5 g, using light pole 360, using social pipeline more than 60 kilometers, support the construction of three telecom enterprises 5 g base station 120 sets, realizing a complete coverage of 5 g signal!

compared with the traditional construction mode, reduce 100 tower construction, save investment of 30 million yuan RMB, the single stand period shorten half, saving cable investment 1 million yuan, save electricity investment of 2 million yuan. Hubei tower to cover, safe, beautiful as the principle, study and formulate 'covering a line' wisdom tower technical standards of Shared social tower, power, pipeline and bridge base station facilities such as construction, not only solved the problem for mobile network coverage, and realized the base station and bridge, road environment harmonious and unified.

the yangsi port bridge

yangsi port bridge is wuhan Yangtze river highway bridge recently opened a two layer. Up and down two floors to meet bridge 5 g signal coverage requirement, hubei tower cable routing can overcome the bridge and road on both sides of the line of difficult, work out the lower antenna and AAU hanging roof installation, upper beautify the cover installation equipment, through up and beautify the slot connection cable, cable connected.

it is understood that the bridge 5 g communications facilities Shared 100% of existing facilities resources, including of the bridge, engine room, piping, electrical, etc. , the overall investment costs fell by 80%, compared with the traditional mode to shorten construction cycle by two-thirds.

the parrot chau Yangtze river bridge

the parrot chau Yangtze river bridge is a tangerine suspension bridge, wuhan is the 'most beautiful' citizens of a bridge. For coordination beauty does not destroy the bridge ( The white coating base station in bridge) And not hinder the base station signal emission ( The base station directly painting with color metallic paint) 36 root, hubei tower using light pole, 13 sets of 5 g equipment, implements three telecom enterprises 5 g signal full coverage.

in addition, hubei tower is the parrot bridge equipped with specialized than color card, ensure that equipment, derrick and trough color consistent with the bridge.

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