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Shaanxi xianyang 60 million intelligent street lamp renovation project is approved

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-04-21

a few days ago, xianyang in shaanxi province development and reform commission approved the xianyang of housing and urban-rural construction bureau for approval to xianyang nutrient-laden Yang road street lamp transformation project proposal instruct 'wisdom.

according to the 'center of xianyang city urban construction project plan 2019', in order to further optimize the ecological environment, improve the city appearance, accelerate the construction of city center, through research, the municipal development and reform commission agreed to implement xianyang nutrient-laden Yang road intelligent street lamp renovation project.

message, according to the project is located in xianyang nutrient-laden Yang road segment, the salt flat road west, east to dongfeng, of xianyang nutrient-laden Yang road ( Salt - ping road Dongfeng road) Entire section street lamp intelligent control, total length of 9100 meters, intelligent street lamp intelligent lighting control, environmental monitoring, video monitoring, electronic advertising screen, broadcasting system, a key call, intelligent charging pile, communication base station, Wi Fi hot spots, and other functions in one, according to the bilateral every two groups estimate 30 meters, a total construction of intelligent street lamp 593 groups, synchronous construction change electric power facilities such as box.

project estimation with a total investment of 60 million yuan, the construction of fixed number of year for 2019.

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