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Shandong yantai haiyang city live built bureau for 6 road to install the LED street lamp

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-05-31

it is reported that shandong yantai haiyang city live built bureau for couple water garden west road, zhe elements, tiger hill road on the east side streets, rising tone road east road, fortuna's garden road and port office 6 road lamp supporting the project, to implement quality requirements, the urban construction promote urban nightscape lighting upgrade project, eliminate the city street lamp lighting blind Angle. It is understood that the project was completed recently.

reported, according to the installation of the integration of solar LED street lamp adopt the latest light power generation technology, independent research and development of the microcomputer intelligent control system, a maximum power point of MPPT charging mode, compared with the ordinary solar street lamp, can increase more than 40% of the electricity, in order to maintain the best night illumination, street light last 365 days. This involved three different styles of street lamp, modelling is more beautiful, more atmosphere, moral can reflect the haiyang culture more deep.

in addition, during the period of construction, residents have reflected the huangshan street south street lighting, city live built bureau, installation plan of huangshan street south street lighting corner again additional solar street lighting project, improved the satisfaction of the masses.

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