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Shanghai the intelligent system is so powerful that specializes in the pedestrian red light!

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-07-14

'red light, please wait. You have crossed the line, please wait to return. '

a few days ago, Shanghai enabled the first set of new type of pedestrian crossing tip system. Compared with the traditional red and green light, the new street prompt system, has not only LED lights hint function, also can through the perception system, remind the pedestrian red light, a collection of security and technology.

the ground lights to remind 'bow'

the new system of pedestrian crossing pedestrian prompt posts and pavement by emitting facilities in two parts. Pedestrian signal at an intersection when the light is red light, laid on the sidewalk on both sides of the synchronization on red, LED floor tile when pedestrians were observed through a red light, a directional loudspeaker automatically send 'you have Red Cross the line, please return wait' such as tip. At this time, the pedestrian light with long red light to prompt 'bow' no thoroughfare. And traffic lights with light green, said motor vehicle passes.


the system can automatically detect the pedestrian red light violations, and automatically by the LCD screen display and voice prompt function on-site warning; At the same time, the pedestrian alleged red light violation records, public security traffic police department after check before processing.

, according to police the system by the pedestrian prompt posts and road surface luminescence facilities in two parts. Pedestrian warning column high overall integration, including 9 million pixel video detector, light detector, Gao Qingding focal lens, LCD screen, outdoor LED waterproof outdoor screen, outdoor column, the pedestrian traffic lights, traffic lights, the top yuntai camera, operational modules, such as equipment, feature-rich comprehensive.

and shine floor tile surface roughness and friction coefficient and asphalt, hardness can almost comparable to steel plate, not only can effectively prompt pedestrians by the pedestrian crossing traffic signal security line, also can increase the motor vehicle drivers in the night the recognition of online pedestrian crosswalk.

attracted many tourists from home and abroad focus on

the device has attracted the attention of a lot of tourists from home and abroad. Lee from zhejiang to visit Shanghai during holiday, from nanjing dong lu pedestrian walk to the bund, saw at a glance 'other places never seen light-emitting pavement'. He said: 'this equipment is very good, now people see when they have a lot of walking mobile phone, with the line of sight direction of ground system can 'bow clan' attention more. '


it is understood that the system has been installed in Shanghai more than ten important crossroads. Among them, the most in the upcoming surrounding roads, the first China international import expo will fully enabled.

text source: sina Shanghai, People's Daily, CCTV net

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