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Shaoxing production lighting drones 'saved' 42 tourists

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-18

'guangxi congratulation state '5 · 23 a cruise ship is in distress incident, thanks to shaoxing lighting lit up the night sky, uavs to 42 tourists out safely. 'Yesterday afternoon, the municipal administration of the people's livelihood and consultation platform event' have something good to discuss 'the fifth period, played a CCTV news video, triggered the representatives sit the CPPCC members and citizens, in addition to the first lighting proud drones from shaoxing, everybody also in wisdom technology equipment to play a more and more important role in taking precautions against disaster and reducing disaster.

implementation and housing task is the current CPPCC municipal people's livelihood and dam have something good to discuss activities focus on the theme of the consultation platform. The event to listen to, a lot of Chinese people's political consultative conference delegates exclamation: members and citizens the power of science and technology are everywhere, do a good job in disaster prevention and mitigation work, without the support of science and technology.

the earthquake in sichuan yibin, chengdu several communities, schools, 61 seconds to receive earthquake early warning ahead of time, saved thousands of lives. Citizens think, shaoxing has now entered the flood season, in the face of severe weather, the city also set up a set of scientific disaster warning mechanism, through the precise forecast, early warning, timely scientific scheduling, maximum reduce heavy rainfall influence on people's production life.

in our life, is not only a geologic disaster danger. For old village residents, fire danger is everywhere. Especially in recent years, along with the electric bicycle's rising, the fire hidden danger of electric bicycle charging is increasingly prominent. Many CPPCC proposal, eliminate electric bicycle fire hazards, may also use the power of science and technology, popularization of intelligent charging pile is a good solution. 'The government can through the form of free of charge, to encourage more people to focus on intelligent charging piles, reduce corridor, fly line charging, charging fire danger hidden dangers caused by long time charging, etc. 'The CPPCC members SangJiangZhen suggested.

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