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Shenzhen longhua r&d alarm device to prevent street lamp light pole 'charged'

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-07-05

street light as people are nocturnal eyes, but the street light is also a kind of electrical hazards. Because of its wide distribution, passers-by are easy to contact, in recent years more for street lamp light pole leakage causing casualties accident happen.

a few days ago, we have heard from longhua district urban management and comprehensive law enforcement bureau, to effectively solve the problem of street lamp light pole leakage, as far as possible eliminate this public security hidden danger, longhua district urban management and comprehensive law enforcement bureau of research and development and promotion of a street lamp light pole leakage alarm device, at present, the new device has been on the road, the people of the pond road lamp light pole and other main 20 pilot installation.

urban management department, to solve the problem of street lamp light pole leakage, the more urban management department to try a variety of measures, such as using the leakage switch, such as potential method, various reclosing switch, etc. , but the effect is not ideal. Reason was the cause of street lamp light pole leakage situation a lot, such as poor quality of construction, cable insulation aging or damaged, lighting lamps and lanterns of leakage, light pole flood, construction damage and theft may cause street lamp light pole leakage cable, etc. Low areas especially in the rainy season, if the cable head is water inside the lamp light pole, will cause the area also charged at the same time, more harmful. Previous methods in principle are not effectively solve the problem of street lamp light pole leakage. For this purpose, the urban management department has to arrange for personnel spot checking light pole with and without leakage. But, because of the huge size of light pole leakage accident, often the wasted effort.

how to solve this difficult problem? Longhua district urban management and explores the comprehensive law enforcement bureau using Internet technology. According to introducing, the agency focus technology is studied, choose the most suitable for the Internet of things technology route, concept and deduction of the leakage detection process. In march, to produce the samples and test in the laboratory to simulate scene, may install control equipment to field test on the street lamp light pole, and after a lot of improvement and system debugging.

according to relevant personage introduces the bureau, the light pole simulation charged through field tests and when sensors to monitor to the street lamp light pole with more than 36 v safety voltage and persists for more than 10 seconds, single lamp will control terminal through wireless alarm signal to the lighting monitoring system platform. Leakage leakage signal from the detector trigger wireless communication devices, wireless communication device instantly send leakage failure location to the mobile phone terminal, automatic notification street lights maintenance personnel, can remote power immediately, the entire process in 1 minutes. Navigation at the same time, can guide the maintenance staff to the point of failure timely, to eliminate potential safety problems.

relevant personage says, the device to realize street light leakage safety management 'three big breakthrough'. It is early detection leakage fault, reduce risk accident. Second, using the latest wireless transmission technology, improve the signal transmission speed. 3 it is compared with similar products, with better software design logic, largely reduces the false alarm.

it is understood that the next step, longhua district urban management and comprehensive law enforcement bureau will be combined with the actual, waterlogged point installed in the entire district and further promote the use of street lamp light pole leakage detection device, to improve the level of city street lamp the elaborating management facilities, to ensure the safety of street lamp power.

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