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Shenzhen metro construction fully implementing LED lighting

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-04-26

at present, the subway lighting accounts for about besides train traction energy consumption 20% of low power consumption, reduce illume is the important way of energy saving. To achieve illumination energy conservation, the shenzhen metro in fully implementing the LED green lighting, in the construction of a new station, field section and interval all light adopts LED lights. The scheme not only can reduce the operating costs of urban rail transit, and reduce energy consumption of unit and important measures to reduce pollution emissions.

according to the design, a new station public area lamps and lanterns USES digital addressable dimming interface ( DALI) Control, through the intelligent lighting control system to the brightness of the LED lighting stepless control, by adjusting the duty ratio and pulse amplitude of pulse current, the dc pulse frequency is high enough, so that the LED has been smooth and light, no flicker, and can reduce the p-n junction temperature of LED, reduce the LED light failure, extend the life of the LED. The lighting and control system scheme to increase the vitality of the lighting, extend the service life of the light source, reduce the maintenance and maintenance costs, but also greatly save the energy.

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