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Sidon lighting | together 2018 guangxi design week, plan design awards

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-04-11

24 - November 26, 2018 in guangxi in guangxi nanning international convention and exhibition center grand design week, is the most exciting design awards, guangxi had a higher international influence and popularity. BACH, BACH sidon lighting with its brand, brand as a sponsor to be invited to attend and keynote speeches, set up professional lighting environment, and the design of large coffee together the mysteries of the lighting and design.

a third guangxi design week 2018

great jia BaGui and fragrance. Sixty years ago, the guangxi zhuang autonomous region was formally established, sixty years is self-motivated, now ushered in the earth-shaking changes in guangxi. As the capital of guangxi nanning gradually become asean regional international city, and '2018 - China The determination of the association of south-east Asian nations (asean) innovation in 'guangxi design week arises at the historic moment.

design week in guangxi, is by the Italian milan design week art director, at the same time is also one of the leaders of Beijing design week Sergio Fabio Mr Rotella poured planning, guangxi zhuang autonomous region, housing and construction department, the national federation of industry and furniture decoration industry chamber of commerce, guangxi building decoration association instruction, combined the grand prize of the organizing committee of the design week, ai in guangxi nanning conference executive committee of the host.

the exhibition brings together the excellence of world-class design strength, the pioneer of international and domestic well-known brand of a gleam of, designers and related industry association of thought exchange collision, wonderful rare creative art activities. 10000 + 550 + brands, new products together, a showcase of culture, charm, quality and design inspiration, pomp.

2/3 lighting, lighting design

2018 guangxi design week, not only design exhibition, but a celebration of design thinking. Center BBS invited industry association and design large coffee, reading trend of great foresight, open roundtable dialogue, report the city art series and so on.

sidon lighting design director Mr Wen-qiang Lin, as a special guest for the lighting, lighting design keynote speech, with the many designers explore the mysteries of between lighting and design, share the future trend of the design of lamps and lanterns and light design trend.

3/3 sidon lighting light experience hall

sidon lighting with its high-end hotel brand BACH BACH's appearance at the meeting, and exhibition hall set up light experience. Site is equipped with linear lighting, youth hotel tube lamp series, series of star product exhibition box BACH, BACH, exhibition personnel can be zero distance feeling product charm.

, west of guangxi dealers blue Monsieur, marketing director, general manager of professional reception team, led by ms cen people show professional diligence, li yuen playground of culture and art center, nanning, guangxi metropark hotel guangxi local classic case as an example, such as sharing of sidon, the value of professional lighting solutions to customers.

during the exhibition, sidon, professional products and engineering case, get the guangxi design week master planner Sergio Fabio Rotella Mr High recognition such as owners and designers, designers said that with the improvement of people's living standard, professional lighting for interior design more and more important.

on November 26, the three-day 2018 guangxi design week ended, sidon, will not forget the beginner's mind, to provide better products and professional lighting solutions that help more excellent designers realize more works, sidon lighting, for the masterpiece is designed.

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