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Silicon valley Campbell, the implementation of intelligent lighting, parking lot 'intelligent'

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-17

according to foreign media reports, more and more towns are implementing intelligent lighting, to ensure adequate lighting to save energy at the same time, the silicon valley city of Campbell ( Campbel) There is no exception.

renesas electronics ( 瑞萨电子公司) Subsidiary Integrated Device Technology ( IDT) Is responsible for the city a 'intelligent' parking lot.

project, which began in June, when the town hall staff parking lot have four lamp dome light, soon extended to the adjacent police station parking lot another six dome light.

project will use more efficient, adjustable light LED lights replace sodium vapour lamp, and use the weatherproof 6 lowpan wireless mesh network module. The modules are connected to the city's cloud infrastructure IT, the city's IT staff can continuously monitor the operation of all lighting.

in addition, the Cleveland ( 克利夫兰) Cities are the intelligent lighting, in order to improve the energy efficiency and other benefits, such as improve citizens' safety.

IDT sensing technology director Rudi Hechfellner said in a statement, 'Campbell, is to realize intelligent lighting has many advantages of a new silicon valley city, but will not be the last one. In fact, all over the world millions of lamp can be quickly and easily converted to intelligent lighting, at low cost with more advanced functions are also provided, more energy saving solutions. '

the city may also provide other functions for the intelligent light, such as the light is opened automatically when people close to the area. This can be achieved by using the advanced artificial intelligence ( AI) Algorithm under the lights, even in low light conditions can also distinguish between people, animals and vehicles, rather than relying on a cloud. This ensures that the first to transmit data to the cloud for processing and eventually send activation signals, lighting immediately to provide lighting, and there will be no delay.

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