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Six elements of LED street lamp design and manufacture

by:CHZ     2021-07-12
In recent years, LED lighting has increasingly appeared in people’s vision. Solar street lights and solar garden lights have been widely used in lighting and lighting projects in cities, towns, rural areas, squares, communities, etc., then, as What are the requirements for LED street lights to be produced by LED light source manufacturers?  (1) Energy saving, low voltage, small current, high brightness. LED lights used as LED street lights must have the characteristics of low voltage, low current, and high brightness, to ensure that they can be used normally when installed, and are efficient and energy-saving. (2) The new green environmental protection light source, LED uses cold light source, glare is small, no radiation, no harmful substances are emitted during use, LED environmental protection benefits are better, there are no ultraviolet and infrared rays in Changhui, and the waste is recyclable and does not contain mercury. , No pollution, is a typical green lighting source. (3) Long life. LED street lights must be able to be used continuously, and replacement is more troublesome, so long life is also an important factor when choosing. (4) The structure of the lamp is reasonable. LED lamps will completely change the structure of the lamps. According to different requirements, the structure of the LED lamps will use the characteristics of light emission, diffraction, and refraction through the integral lens to fully integrate the light under the condition of increasing the initial brightness, and the light will be uniformly illuminated. Within a specific range to ensure the highest utilization of light. LED is a solid-state light source encapsulated with epoxy resin. There are no vulnerable parts such as glass bulb filament in its structure. It is an all-solid structure, so it can withstand vibration and impact without being damaged. (5) The light color is simple. The LED street lamp used as a street lamp must have a pure light color. While ensuring the brightness of the lighting, it also needs to ensure the safety of road driving. (6) High security. The LED light source is driven by low voltage, stable luminescence, no pollution, no stroboscopic phenomenon when using 50Hz AC power supply, no ultraviolet B band, color temperature 5000K-6500K, the closest color temperature of the sun is 5500K, it is a cold light source with low heat generation and no thermal radiation , The light color is soft, no glare, and does not contain mercury and other hazardous substances. Electronics is engaged in the research and development, production and sales of solar street lights, wind-solar LED street lights, solar garden lights and other LED lighting lamps. Since its establishment, it has been based on the business philosophy of 'integrity-based, technological innovation' and in-depth research and development of LED derivatives. At the same time, Always implement the business policy of 'efficient, pragmatic, honest, and development' and serve our customers. So far, it has developed into a supplier of complete solutions for solar and LED lighting products, providing high-quality, low-price products to friends in the industry. Equipped with reasonable and superior performance solar lamp design scheme. Our company is located in Baoding, Hebei, China. Relying on the geographical advantage of 'China Electric ValleyDealers and customers at home and abroad provide more choices.

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