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Small street lamp greater service chongqing TongLiang proposed new transformation LED lights this year 413

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-04-29

in 2018, chongqing TongLiang area has completed the small street, south road, the people road construction, the silk road city road 444 LED street lamp transformation and change. In 2019, the region also plans to transform the city road 413 lamp, LED street lamp replacement lights line more than 7000 meters.

in the past, TongLiang city municipal road lamps for high pressure sodium lamp, there are many power consumption and high cost, lamps and lanterns damage rate higher defect. After transforming and street lamps, the LED street lamp lighting scope is twice the traditional street lamp, will effectively promote the energy conservation and emissions reduction, can saving electricity each year about 180000 degrees.

according to TongLiang district street lamp management controller introduces, the next step will be closely around the concept of 'small street light, big service' for the people ', accelerate the construction of urban street lamp.

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