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Smart Street lighting project in Suceava,Romania

Smart Street lighting project in Suceava,Romania


 Smart Street lighting project in Suceava,Romania

In the Suceava Smart Street Light Project in Romania, CHZ LIGHTING installed more than 1,600 sets of ST29-30W smart street lights in the city and its towns. Using the latest 4G interconnection technology, a single street light is turned into an interconnected street light group, and then the signal is uploaded to the cloud by a centralized controller. The owner can understand the status of each group of street lights through the server and mobile phone, and perform dimming control. The project was implemented smoothly, and the overall lighting effect was very good. It also saved a lot of electricity, and monitoring and maintenance were also very convenient.

Mr. Charles, the mayor of a town government in Suceava, warmly received us and had a cordial exchange, thanking us for our contribution to the local city's energy-saving construction.

Project Discription:

CHZ smart street lightsCHZ-ST29-30W4000K1600 pcs

Project Pictures:

This project is to intelligently transform street lights in the suburbs of Iasi. Some of the street lights in Iasi were traditional HID, with power mostly 250W and above; some of the street lights were LED street lights that had been installed for many years, with low light efficiency and difficult to monitor, requiring manual on-site inspection. It not only wastes energy, but also wastes a lot of manpower and material resources.

The picture below is a street light scene modified with our ST29 smart street light. The street lights are all installed on cement pillars, with a height of about 8m, an arm length of about 1.2m, and power levels of 30W, 40W and 50W.

Our street lights all use the highest brightness SMD5050 light source and specially customized lenses, which make the light efficient and uniform. Judging from the test results, for an 8-meter-high light pole, using 30W power, the average ground illumination reaches 25LX; using 40W power, it reaches 31LX; and using 50W power, it reaches 38LX. The uniformity has reached 0.6, fully meeting or exceeding the standards required by the municipal department. The street lighting throughout the town greatly facilitates the travel of local people; although there is a lot of snow on the ground, passing vehicles are still flowing smoothly and everyone feels very safe, which means that the light color is very comfortable and bright.

Daytime lighting effect

Nighttime lighting effect

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