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Smart street lights take advantage of 5G Dongfeng to bring hundreds of billions of market

by:CHZ Lighting     2021-07-08
The pilot smart street light poles in Dongcheng, Haidian, Tongzhou and other areas in Beijing, and 146 sets of smart street light poles by the West Lake in Hangzhou were officially unveiled... During this holiday, it seems that the street light poles are also doing their best to dedicate themselves to the Republic.
In addition to its beautiful shape, these smart street light poles also bring together multiple functions such as light control, LED screen display, 5G base station, smart alarm, etc., and through 'multiple poles in one' to make the road more tidy and become a city. A beautiful landscape.
In fact, smart street light poles have been piloted in many places as early as 2016, but they have not yet become a climate.
This year, with the advancement of the construction of 5G base stations and the introduction of more than 30 policies in various places, smart street light poles in Beijing, Guangdong, Shanghai, Zhejiang and other places have sprung up at street intersections.
On August 8, Guangdong Province launched the first provincial industrial standard for the smart street light industry. This is undoubtedly a major destiny change for the smart street light pole industry with intertwined interests and difficult implementation.
Related predictions say that my country’s smart street light pole market will reach 100 billion in 2022.
What setbacks did the smart street light pole industry encounter in the lost 2017-2018? What kind of 'magic elixir' made it recover in 2019?
In the face of a huge market that may reach 100 billion in 2022, how can new players in cross-fields such as communications giants, traditional lighting companies, and security companies seize the market?
This time, can the capillaries of the smart street light pole—smart traffic grow fast, healthy and smooth, and then connect the arteries of the entire smart city?
From kerosene lamps to LED lamps, street lamps have experienced a long evolutionary history. With the development of the Internet of Things technology, the upgrade of street lights has shifted from the optimization of 'lighting' effects to the 'intelligence' of perception and control.
'Intelligent' means that street lights can 'smartly' complete tasks such as automatic switching, brightness adjustment, and monitoring of the environment through their own perception, thereby changing the high cost and low flexibility of wired manual control.
Compared with traditional street lights, smart street light poles can not only illuminate the road for pedestrians and vehicles, but also serve as a base station to provide citizens with a 5G network. It can be used as the 'eye' of smart security to maintain the safety of the social environment. The LED screen displays information such as weather, road conditions, and advertisements to pedestrians.
Smart light pole technology has become more mature. From a functional point of view, smart light poles have functional modules such as smart lighting, communication base stations, micro-weather monitoring, video monitoring, Wi-Fi coverage, LED information display, public broadcasting, and charging piles. At present, these functions of smart street light poles can be customized according to the needs of the owners, and the goal of customization is no longer the stacking of functions, but the realization of platform linkage.
From the overall plan, the smart street light pole plan roughly involves four levels: perception layer, network layer, platform layer and application layer. The four levels work together. For example, when a local fire occurs, the perception layer can quickly transmit the fire data to the platform layer through the network layer, so that the fire protection application layer can determine whether an alarm is needed based on this.
In 2019, the advancing 5G brings hope to the smart street light pole industry. In April this year, the state promulgated the 'Implementation Opinions on Promoting the Co-construction and Sharing of Telecommunications Infrastructure in 2019' and stated: 'Encourage basic telecommunications companies and tower companies to intensively use existing base station sites, street light poles, monitoring poles and other public facilities, and reserve in advance 5G site resources.'
Recently, smart street light poles equipped with 5G base stations have been piloted in various areas of Beijing. As early as March of this year, a batch of new street lights on Guangzhou Tianhe Naner Road had landed, incorporating elements such as video surveillance, base stations, road signs, and mobile phone charging ports.

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