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Snowy solar panels can also power?

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-17

now winter is coming, so the snow is a more common, in snow weather our solar panels can also power? Before we may also not sure, because the technology is not yet mature, before have the snow will be some impact on our power, and now's a good way to energy conservation and environmental protection is to install solar panels, so we just need to be solved in the cold areas of some people, when snow affect solar panels power problem.

we some people say that the influence of the snow is very big, as if the weather is snow will cover panels completely, only a small part of the sun rays can be through the snow on the solar panels, so obviously less energy. So it would be greatly reduce the capacity of the whole system. So now the solar panels in terms of best improve solar energy utilization, energy loss is still a question.

but also has some positive influence, that is when the snow falls on the ground, and panels are not covered by anything, snow is like a mirror of the earth to the sun fired back, such panels generating capacity will increase, in this way, the snow by a little reflection effect will also promote the photovoltaic power generation. So we need to clear snow in time, and then large Angle to install solar panels.

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