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solar energy to power street lights in slums | pune news - times of india

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-03-30
Pune: If the municipality\'s plan to use solar energy to power electric lights is approved, the city\'s slums will promote the use of unconventional energy.
The proposal to install solar street lamps in the slums has been submitted to the Standing Committee.
The project selected the shiwaginger parliamentary constituency, followed by the slums of the Bopodi, Khairewadi and the Patil residential quarters.
\"This is the first time that the city\'s slums have emergency lights.
Shivajinagar assembly area has been selected for promotion.
PMC Executive Engineer S. Chaudhari told TOI on Thursday that \"the remaining areas will be occupied when the funds are in place . \".
The project will be completed within 60 days of commencement.
Funds worth Rs 1 will be used.
Nearly 160 street lamps will be installed at a price of Rs 62,500 per lamp.
A 43-watt light bulb will be installed on a street lamp with a solar panel.
Most of the slums are crowded and have little room to lay cables for street lights.
\"Since the space occupied by the solar pole is very small, it is easy to install.
The aim is to promote unconventional energy.
It will also reduce the cost of electricity for street lights, \"Chaudhari said.
It is estimated that the population of Pune lives in slums.
Since 1991, the population has increased by 176% due to immigration.
Of the 244 square kilometers restricted by PMC, about 15 square kilometers were invaded by slums.
Urban and Rural Planning Organization (TCPO)
As the technical department of the Indian government\'s Urban Development Department, Pune ranks third among the largest number of cities in India\'s slums.
Mumbai\'s slum population accounts for 55% of its population, followed by meerte, which has a slum population of 44%.
As for the main street lights, citizen groups plan to install about 10,000 LEDs (LED)
Replace the existing high-pressure sodium steam lamp (HPSV)
As long as possible.
Last week, the federal Department of Urban Development issued a consultation to the administration of all states and cities seeking better street lighting to make public places safer at night.
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