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by:CHZ     2021-07-11

Solar garden lights are beautiful in appearance. They can use crystalline silicon solar panels, maintenance-free batteries and super bright LED light sources, and make full use of green and clean solar energy to truly achieve zero power consumption, zero emissions, and zero pollution. Sustainable development goals. In addition, it is used to replace traditional public power lighting street lamps. It has the characteristics of no pipeline laying, no AC power supply, no manual operation, arbitrarily adjustable lamp layout and maintenance-free, which can ensure uninterrupted lighting throughout the year. It is mainly suitable for urban masters. Secondary roads, residential areas, factories, tourist attractions, parking lots and other places.

Solar garden lights mainly use solar radiant energy as energy, convert sunlight collected during the day into electrical energy and charge the battery, and then the battery provides electrical energy for the light source at night. It has good stability, high luminous efficiency and long service life. , High safety performance, convenient and quick installation, energy saving and environmental protection, economical and practical characteristics, can be widely used in residential road lighting, landscape lighting, villa area lighting and other places. In addition, its specific advantages are as follows:
1. Green and environmental protection
Solar garden lights do not contain harmful elements such as mercury and xenon, and will not cause electromagnetic interference, and are conducive to recycling.
2. High light efficiency, low heat generation
Its battery can convert 90% of electric energy into visible light, which is more than 4 times that of ordinary street lamps.
3. Healthy light, protect eyesight
Its light does not contain ultraviolet and infrared rays, nor does it generate any radiation, and it is driven by DC, without flicker, which can effectively protect eyesight.
4. Long service life
Solar garden lights use semiconductor chips to emit light, have no filament, are not afraid of vibration, and are not easily broken. The service life can reach 50,000 hours, which is 50 times that of ordinary incandescent street lights.
5, high safety performance
It requires very small voltage and current, which will not cause safety hazards, and can be used in dangerous places such as mines.
On the road to sustainable development, in the revolution from high-carbon to low-carbon, solar energy is one of the new energy sources, and its energy-saving and environmental protection effects have also received more attention. Therefore, solar energy application engineering has not only provided products for society, but has become an important part of my country's development strategy. In addition, how to guide the healthy development of the solar energy industry will affect the rational distribution of social resources and the enhancement of the competitiveness of solar energy companies.
Over the past ten years, we have been committed to the research and development and sales of solar street lights, and our company has a reasonable layout, a complete industrial chain and a huge market, and has been well received by customers. In addition, our company has always insisted on pioneering science and technology, attaching importance to the development of independent intellectual property rights, and in-depth cooperation with many colleges and universities to further develop high-end LED products and solar application products, such as solar street lights, solar garden lights, LED street lights, and solar panels. Lawn lights, LED landscape lights, LED flood lights, LED indoor lights and other products.

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