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Solar LED landscape light: It is obvious that it has a good appearance, but it needs to fight for strength

by:CHZ     2021-07-17
The solar LED landscape light has a simple shape, adopts a digital color light tube, and realizes the effects of color chasing, scanning, gradual change and flicker through an intelligent digital controller, and has a strong environmental influence. In addition, it also embodies the design concept of popular lighting poles, and is mainly suitable for public places, squares, commercial pedestrian streets, parks, villas, green belts, hotels and other places.

It is a manufacturer specializing in the production of various application products using solar energy, mainly engaged in solar street lights, solar wind and solar hybrid street lights, solar garden lights, solar LED landscape lights, solar lawn lights, solar flood lights, solar underground lights, and solar LED indoor lights, solar insecticidal lights, solar traffic lights, solar power generation systems and other products. In addition, as one of the earliest domestic enterprises to enter the optoelectronic industry, its products mainly integrate research and development, production, application, and sales. It has won the trust of customers with advanced technology, excellent quality and good after-sales service.

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