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Solar LED street lamp design scheme for rural road lighting project

by:CHZ     2021-07-16
  For the current rural construction, with the country's work on rural landscaping, greening, lighting, etc., the $9A continuous development of solar led street lights and green energy-saving lighting provides a new development direction for the current agricultural $9D lighting construction. According to the current rural landscape renovation $E5 requirements, the most important standard for rural road construction is the development of new energy sources to achieve low-cost and high-quality lighting in rural areas.
   In view of the increasing requirements for the shape, structure, material and craftsmanship of solar LED street lamps in rural street lamp installation, solar street lamp manufacturers provide a variety of design solutions for rural street lamp installation. Generally, rural road lighting uses low-power solar led street lights, and the lighting time is set at 4-6 hours to ensure 3 continuous rainy days. The lighting time of some major $87 street lights is set at 6,8 hours and $83 is enough to achieve 5 consecutive $98 rainy day lighting. $0A   In order to better realize the current development of agricultural roads, as a solar street lamp manufacturer, only street lamp design becomes more diversified, and multi-functional design in terms of street lamp function and appearance can ensure that solar led street lamps can be realized in rural road construction. Good application.

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