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Solar LED street lights add a landscape to Laiyuan County

by:CHZ     2021-07-15

   The latest news, after more than three months of installation and commissioning by the staff, 200 Changhui solar LED street lights light up the night sky of Laiyuan County and the countryside, adding a beautiful landscape of low carbon, environmental protection and energy saving to Laiyuan County .  According to the person in charge of the County Construction and Environmental Protection Bureau, Changhui Solar LED Street Light is a new type of low-carbon, environmentally friendly and energy-saving street light. It is mainly composed of LED lamp holder, lamp pole, solar panel, battery and controller. It uses solar energy as the light source, and uses solar panels to absorb light energy during the day, converts it into electrical energy and stores it in a battery for night lighting. Generally, the power storage for one day can be used continuously for 4 to 5 days. Therefore, even in rainy weather, it can avoid the situation that the lights are off due to insufficient power supply, and it is convenient for pedestrians and vehicles to pass safely and normally. Laiyuan County has installed Changhui solar LED street lights in the county seat, with a total of 330 installed. The installation started in early May. The installation has been completed and the total investment is 3 million yuan.   It is understood that 20 Changhui solar LED street lights will be installed in the county in the future. It is expected that the installation project will be completed in mid-August. A total of 300 Changhui solar LED street lights will be installed in the county. After the project is completed, it is expected to save 255,500 kilowatt-hours of electricity annually and save about 192,000 yuan in electricity costs.   Laiyuan County u003du003du003d To be a leader in green lighting. . .

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