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Solar panels and also there is a danger of corrosion

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-07

we know that in the outside, a lot of things and the environment are all have certain differences, so some solar panels under appropriate environment and opportunity, is also will have the risk of corrosion. , after all, in some places it is moist and outside of the wind and rain, and a protective layer of solar panels, a bigger challenge, so if we choose to install solar panels, need to pay attention to the possibility of corrosion.

just a day rain corrosion environment, there are some aspects of corrosion, the influence of atmosphere in some places in the atmosphere has certain factors could be corrosion of solar panels. Because the ph of each place is different, so the molecules in the air is also different, may be we don't have this feeling sometimes, but for solar panels, where is fixed, the corrosion may be small, every day for a long time but all aspects of factors together, slowly, may be severe.

to help solar panels to prevent corrosion, then we need to change the parts or the whole of the susceptible to corrosion coating parts. And simple maintenance, the solar panels so that we can reduce the demand for spare parts, can help prevent corrosion, so as to prolong the service life of the solar panels.

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