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Solar panels are common problems

by:CHZ     2020-10-15

1, solar panels can drive many high-power electrical appliances?

a: it depends on the capacity of the battery and customers to use the power of inverter. This is beyond the scope of control of solar panels. Solar street lamps of solar panels is only used for battery charging. It doesn't store electricity. Solar energy is only used for battery charging, the battery to discharge of electrical equipment. This is a process of charging and discharging. Depends on how much it can drive the size of the inverter power, the size of the battery depends on how long it can power supply. Customers need to know some basic knowledge of the electrician. If they don't understand these principles, they can know more about it.

2。 Many users ask why multimeter test cannot achieve the rated current.

a: because of the short circuit current is a measure of quality of solar cells, this parameter can only check by check module, multimeter itself is the load, so check the parameter is the working current of the data. In addition, the testing conditions of solar panel is 1000 watts per square metre, intensity of illumination of 25 degrees Celsius. In addition, the solar panels should be checked under the standard intensity. Solar panels will advocate the user and the buyer shall be according to the different area equipped with solar cells that could satisfy the requirement of the local weather conditions.

solar panels can work in cloudy day?

a: it depends on overcast light intensity. If the light is very strong, there will be a small electrical current and voltage, but it was sunny and bright light will send tens to hundreds. However, solar panels are usually absorb light energy as much as possible, and then to save them. Light, the more power the better the results, the light is weaker, the worse effect.

4, solar panels do not need to control device, ok?

answer: use the controller! Otherwise, the battery may be overcharge and over discharge, the service life of the battery will also be affected. Controller is the function of intelligent control solar, battery and load, and maintenance of the battery to avoid the over charge and discharge, short circuit, etc. , maintenance and intelligent control of load running time. For details, please refer to the manual controller. In addition, the load of the manipulator also needs to be current. Usually, 10 a manipulator not across 12 on a current. 10, by contrast, can carry a 120 - watt electronics, under below 20 a can carry 300 watts of electrical appliances, below 30 a can carry 500 watts of electrical appliances, buyers are free to choose.

monocrystalline and polycrystalline which is better?

both are good product. Specific difference is that single crystal panels in sunny day when high power generation efficiency, the transformation efficiency higher than that of polycrystalline panels, the slower decay. Crystal board in cloudy day is better than single crystal with low light intensity. Therefore, users should use in the south polycrystalline, because the south there are a lot of rain all the year round. The user in the north main use of single crystal, because the climate is much better than that of the south north.

when using, to ensure that the panel to the 12 o 'clock the sun, and ground into 30 - The Angle of 45 degrees, and viewpoints toward the south. By all means avoid you can't square solar panels on the ground, so the capacity is very low.

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