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Solar panels can be used in the winter?

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-07

a lot of people have a common mistake, that is solar panel doesn't work in winter. On the contrary, low temperature can increase the output power of solar panels instead. But the solar panel is covered by snow in the winter, really affect the electricity.

all solar panels will absorb a certain amount of weight, generally not too heavy snow and thus does not cause problems. Solar panels before delivery will be after stress tests to assess the durability and quality grades, the higher the stress level shows that your panels are better able to sustain the weight of the snow.

solar panels need sunlight to power generation, so if your solar panels is covered by snow, they would not power. Most components installed a certain Angle, the snow to slide off on their own, but it requires a certain amount of time. You can also through making snow rake ( Soft) Or similar snow removal tools to clean the snow, this tool is usually will not damage the panels.

at low temperature, the sunny weather in fact can be beneficial to the component power generation. As long as the component is not covered by snow, the winter is, in fact, for power generation. Like most electronic products, solar panels in cold conditions than under the hot conditions more efficient, in the winter in a relatively short time during the day make full use of every hour to generate electricity.

winter photovoltaic power station power generation quantity is little, need not nervous, this is normal phenomenon, because the winter sunshine length is smaller. But due to the low temperature in winter, it is advantageous to the photovoltaic power generation, the life also have a very good protection effect. Also in the winter or pay attention to the plant maintenance and maintenance, pay attention to clean up dust and snow.

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